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  • Unlimited downloads for 24 hour of any item 🎉
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  • 1 Year PASS
  • US$ 99
  • You pay each year
  • Unlimited downloads for 1 year of any item
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Or “pay as you go” purchasing individual items

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How a PASS works?

If you have an active pass, you will have unlimited access to purchase and download any item from our collection including futures without additional value. You choose if you want a pass for 24 hours or for 1 year. What are you waiting for?.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are here to help you

What is a pass?

A pass is the cheapest and easiest way to buy and download an item in Original Mockups, if you have an active pass, you can download any item from the entire collection, including future ones.

What is the main difference between a 24 hours pass and a 1 year pass?

The main difference is the duration, but keep in mind that by obtaining the pass of 1 year you will be able to access the new items that are published each week during the validity of your pass.

What is considered an active pass?

An active pass is the one that has not expired. Example: the pass of 24 hours allows you to acquire and download unlimited items you want for a full day from the date of your purchase, after that time the pass will expire and you can not continue downloading. While the 1 year pass allows you to do the same for a whole year.

How does the download system work?

As always, if you want to try download any of our freebies.

What happens with my purchases when the pass expires?

Your purchases will continue to appear in the download list, but you will not be able to continue downloading unless you renew your pass.

What is the difference between buying a pass and an individual purchase?

By purchasing a 24 hours or 1 year pass you can download all the items you want during the validity of the pass, while if you purchase an item individually you can download only that item but you can download it whenever you want without time limit.

How do the licenses of the items acquired through a pass work?

You are granted a license for personal and commercial use without attribution. If your pass expires you will not lose the license.

What are the limits of downloads?

There are no limits, you can acquire as many items as you wish and download them during the validity of the purchased pass, but keep in mind that we do not accept robots or automation tools to download the items.

Our system detects them and could block the downloads of a particular item by 24 hours .

Can I cancel or update my subscription at any time?

Yes you can, but only if you have a 1 year pass. The 24 hours pass can not be canceled.

What are the requirements to use the mockups?

Our mockups are created from Photoshop, we recommend the minimum version of Photoshop CC, although some of our mockups work with Photoshop CS4, be sure to read the details on the page of each item.

Can I download all the items simultaneously?

No, it is not possible. Each item must be downloaded manually.

Can I use a Download Manager?

No, download managers use techniques that cause multiple requests for the same item, this could block your download by 24 hours .

How often are new items added?

Daily from Monday to Friday, we are adding new items. All Mondays have announced through Newsletter the new mockups that were launched the previous week.

The 24 Hours Pass is renewed automatically?

No, the 24 hours Pass is not renewed automatically. The 1 year pass is renewed automatically, but you can cancel it at any time before it is renewed.

Do you have any other questions?

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