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Sticker Mockups

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This pack contains a collection of Photoshop sticker mockups in different formats including round, square and rectangular stickers in 5k resolution. These mockups will be very useful to present your logo designs, brands, advertising campaigns, merchandising, illustrations and much more.

All the sticker mockups are built from a three-dimensional model in an environment with adequate lighting to highlight their functionality, concept and material. The texture simulates a glossy finish cover that reflects the lights in a natural way.

These mockups were built using Photoshop's 3D layers. Your design will project seamlessly onto the decal surfaces without distortion. When you are placing your designs, will see a mesh that works as a guide for you to place it in the right place. Even if you work with two windows simultaneously you will be able to see the changes in real time without needing to save.

Mockups are completely customizable, you will have the possibility to set the interior lighting and shadow layers, which makes them an ideal tool to work with very dark or light designs without losing the quality of your presentation. Shadows works separately too and color can be changed with a single click.

The stickers are totally isolated from the background, so you can move them to another document or place them anywhere on your work canvas, the background can be setted with a solid color or totally transparent.

Each format comes with several views that simulates that the sticker is peeling off from different corners, use the one that best suits your design.

If you need a particular format, size, resolution, material or shape, please contact us, we could do a custom work that fits your specific need.


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    2 Aug 2020

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    2 Aug 2020

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