Square 4 Fold Brochure Mockups

Square 4 Fold Brochure Mockups

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This is a wonderful set of 10 PSD Mockups of a brochure with 4 folds in a square format of 15x15cms.

Normally, it results a complex work to showcase the design which goes in this kind of printed publications because they has a lot of angles and pages which stay hidden when the brochure is folded. That’s why we decided to bring a complete set of Mockups for you to have the opportunity to impress your own customers showcasing all the possible point of views of your design on these photo-realistic scenes.

The way to customize this brochure is like a window, so you could make interesting layouts of your design that allow you visually link a page with another one making a continuous concept.

The customization process is a very easy task, this mockup pack uses the Blueprint & Play trick which allow to place your design into two main Smart Objects and playing a Photoshop action it’ll build automatically as if by magic instead of place manually each page of the brochure.

Also, you’ll be able to change the background colors and the strength of the shadows without lose the real look of the general environment of the scene. Plus, if you need to edit the brightness or reflections you could do it easily with few steps.


  • Published on

    2 Dec 2016

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    20 Feb 2017

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