Men's Tri-Blend Short Sleeve Crew T-Shirt Mockups

Men's Tri-Blend Short Sleeve Crew T-Shirt Mockups

Amazing Pack of 6 Men's Tri-Blend Short Sleeve Crew T-Shirt Mockups

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This incredible pack of mockups for Photoshop is a must for lovers of lettering and digital illustration! With this package you can make presentations of your Tri-Blend short sleeve men's t-shirt designs in a great and unique way. Contextualize your clients by presenting your work in a photorealistic environment.

The graphic resources in this package are built from a three-dimensional model, in an environment and with the ideal lighting to simulate the reality of the object and its functionality. Observe any of our scenes in the foreground, you will be able to see in detail that the photorealistic texture on the object, as well as the different pattern cuts of the shirt.

Use Photoshop's 3D layers to place your design on the body of the shirt, while for the label you can place your design on the Smart Object layers, marked in purple. It sounds complex, but don't worry, each mockup comes with a document with helpful information.

With each mockup you can create incredible presentations in high resolution 5K. And give a totally different value to your design if you customize the intensity of the lights and shadows, changing the color of the background, the parts of the bed (neck, sleeves, thread, etc.) and the color of the reflections. For the background you could use spot colors or stock images. Or, you could simply move the mockup objects to any part of the scene or another PSD file.

If even with all the mockups in the package you need a specific model to have a significant change in object, such as the position, angle or pose of the t-shirt, don't hesitate to write us! We are fully available to do a custom job that suits your graphic need.


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  • Published on

    28 Aug 2020

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    28 Aug 2020

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