40 ml Cosmetic Tube Mockups

40 ml Cosmetic Tube Mockups

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In this pack, you will find more of our top 6 cosmetic tube mockups with matte metal effect and hexagonal caps. Presented from different angles, some scenes have boxes to complement the product's packaging or others have decorative elements such as stone bases as support or background walls.

With these mockups, you will surely be able to make your presentations on branding designs, packaging, advertising campaigns and merchandising for medical or cosmetic products, such as creams or gels. Your customers are dazzled by the high quality of 5K that will set your design on the mockups.

Each of the mockups was built from a model in a 3D software, so the objects simulate an incredible photorealism! Also set with the right light and shadows to make the most of each angle and of the metallic material with a matte effect that makes up cosmetic creams, as well as cardboard and stone from the other elements that can be part of each scene.

Placing your design and previewing it in a scene is very easy and fast, thanks to the fact that all the content of the pack uses Photoshop's 3D layers. If you are new to this technique, fear not, within the green marked layer you will find a mesh that works as a guide for you to locate your design work in the right place.

And if packaging design is your thing, we invite you to learn more about our cosmetic product mockups!


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    37 x 128,65 mm

  • Published on

    13 Aug 2020

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    13 Aug 2020

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