355 ml Soda Can Mockups

355 ml Soda Can Mockups

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On this pack find a big collection of 355 ml soda cans mockups, ideal to show your canned drinks designs. This graphic resource with 9 items, on different scenes with you, could show the best design attributes. You can find a variety of scenes on the front, top, falling, and close up to show the details more relevant to your proposal. This object you can use on branding proposals of sodas, beers, and energy drinks.

The mockups were created with lighting effects designed to give scenes photorealistic visualization, using lighting effects that simulate the reality in which the object is presented. Its functionality is designed to help you to make presentations that show the best details of your work. All the zones are customizable and you could even change the color of the aluminum to gold, silver, or whatever you want.

These Photoshop files are very easy to use. To place your design you only need to use the 3D layers marked with green color, there you will find the mesh of a portion of the object or the displayed object, in which you can display your design in the correct position. You don't need to be an expert to handle this PSD file, but if you have any doubt you can resolve it, checking this article Customize a 3D Layer-based mockup

Our staff recommend this scene that we loved and sure will be helpful for your work, here you have a set of soda cans view.


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  • Can Size

    355 ml

  • Published on

    28 Dec 2020

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    28 Dec 2020

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