150 g Yogurt Cup Mockups

150 g Yogurt Cup Mockups

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This pack contains a large collection of photorealistic mockups for Photoshop of yogurt cups of 150g content. They will be of great help to you to present brand designs, advertising campaigns, packaging or simply to include as complementary content in a product catalog or in a service brochure of a food chain.

The mockups in this package are built from a three-dimensional model, in an environment with adequate lighting to simulate the reality of the object and its functionality. If you look at any of our scenes in close-up, you will see that the texture of the glass simulates shiny plastic and the foil cap with its attractive metallic effect.

To place your design in any of the mockups you will have to use Photoshop's 3D layers. Your work will be perfectly projected on the surfaces of the objects. When you are inside the editing layer, marked with green, you will find a mesh that represents the displayed object or a portion of it, in which you can support yourself to know how to locate your design in the correct position.

With each mockup you can create incredible presentations in high resolution 5K. And give a totally different value to your design if you customize the intensity of the lights and shadows, changing the color of the background, the objects and the color of the reflections. For the background you could use spot colors or stock images. Or, you could simply move the mockup objects to any part of the scene or another PSD file.

Of the whole package, there is a scene that we love very much and we believe that it can be of great value to present your work, in it you can see the liquid inside the glass, you can change the color and thus adapt it to the tones of your design.

If of all the mockups in the package you need a specific model to have an exploitation of liquid through the air or the floor, do not hesitate to write us! We are fully available to do a custom job that suits your need.


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    20 Aug 2020

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    20 Aug 2020

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