100mm Cosmetic Jar Mockups

100mm Cosmetic Jar Mockups

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This entire package contains various Photoshop mockups of 100mm plastic cream pots in 5K high definition, presented from different angles and on flat backgrounds or concrete bases, all attractive and dynamic for you to show your design work in a different way.

This collection is perfect for you to present to your clients or in your portfolio, brand redesigns or packaging designs for cosmetic and pharmaceutical products.

Customizing any of the scenes is too easy. Thanks to the fact that the objects are built in a 3D environment, set with adequate lighting, using the most natural reflections possible, represented from the best angles and simulating materials such as plastic as photorealistic as possible. All this is the perfect combination for you to obtain functional mockups, with a concept and easy to adapt to whatever your design is.

To place your design and see it quickly reflected in the scenes, just make a few clicks. Thanks to Photoshop's 3D layers. If you still do not know about this great technique, read a little more about it and we invite you to try it in the free mockup of this package.

Each mockup can be edited to your specifications, such as the intensity of the shadows and lights, change the color of the background, the reflections and the decoration objects, such as the concrete bases that some scenes have. Some scenes have the objects isolated from the background, that gives you the possibility to move the objects within the scene or move them within another similar PSD file according to your graphic need.

If you liked this package and you think it could improve much more according to your graphic needs; how to increase the resolution, change the material of the objects or the supporting elements, as well as modify angles and perspectives ... do not hesitate to contact us! We will always be available to make your request a personalized work, adaptable to your concept and need.


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    12 Aug 2020

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    12 Aug 2020

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