Create an A4 Letterhead and Business Card Mockup Using Lightroom and Photoshop

Final Result

Designers and people involved in the design area are constantly looking for resources to present their designs or works to customers. They want to stop displaying their works in a flat and boring way and also they want to use resources to help them present their work in a more realistic way. We call these resources "Mockups" and in this occasion, we are going to make a realistic mockup of Business Cards on a A4 letterhead. So let's begin.

Tutorial Assets

Step 1: Prepare the image in Lightroom.

Import the image that you are going to use for your mockup in lightroom, to reduce noise and correct some imperfections and then balance the shadows and lights.

Step 2

Clean up the image of wrinkles and objects that are littering the photo, in this case we will remove the color point on business cards, which was used to focus the area of the photo.

Use the Spot Removal Tool (Q) and select the area you want to replace.

Step 3

Set the exposure, contrast, shadows, white & blacks. Also increase the clarity to make the image look a little crisper.

I used the following settings for this image: Exposure = +0.35, Contrast = -16,Highlights = -30, Shadows = -14, Whites = +11, Black = -44.

In order to removal color around the edges and increase the sharpness in the photo I have used the following values: Clarity = +54, Vibrance = -19, Saturation = -46.

You can set them as you like.

Step 4

Reduce image noise, this makes the mockups look more real, but in this case I reduced it just a little, I recommend this configuration, in the Sharpening Panel set: Amount = 14, masking = 2, in the Noise Reduction Panel set: Luminance = 59, detail = 36, contrast = 48.

As you can notice the changes are quite visible so far, your image should look like this.

Step 5

After this, export the image, with a resolution of 3000x2000 at 300dpi. To do this, press Ctrl (Command) + Shift + E, And then open it in photoshop.

Step 6: Making Business Cards Mockup

Open the image in photoshop File / Open and search the "A4 - Business cards mockup" image.

Step 7

Open your A4 and business cards designs in photoshop.

You can repeat the previous process to open the designs or also you can drag and drop your designs in the tabs area.

Step 8: Making Smart-Object Design

In order to remove the images' flat state by double clicking on the layer or Right click and select Layer from background...

Step 9

Now, before using the design, you have to convert it into a Smart Object. To do this, you must Right click on it and select Convert To Smart Object

Step 10: Moving the design

Now you have to drag the design into the image we have designed for the mockup, it is very easy, just select the tool Move Tool (V) and select the design (not the layer) and bring it to the mockup tab.

Step 11: Transforming Smart Objects

You are going to change the perspective of the Smart Object and place it where it belongs. To do this, you must press Ctrl (Command) + T and drag each tip of the corner to give the desired perspective, then press Enter.

Step 12

Set the blending mode for the Smart-Object, and select Multiply

Step 13:

Now, add the other card side design, you just have to repeat the steps 8, 9, 10 and 11.

Repeat the Step 12 setting the blending mode for the Smart-Object, and select Multiply.

Step 14: Masking the Smart-Object

Masks the Smart Object layer. To do this, you use the tool Polygonal Lasso Tool (L) and select the area of the business card, press Ctrl (Command) + Shift + I to invert the selection.

Now refine edge, press Ctrl (Command) + Alt + R, so Feather = 1, contrast = 15, shift edge = 30 and OK.

Step 15

Holding down the Shift key make click on the Add Layer Mask button located at the bottom of the layers panel.

Step 16

Now, add A4 Paper design, you just have to repeat the steps 8, 9, 10 and 11.

  • later mask the Smart-Object layer with the Polygonal Lasso Tool (L).
  • Refine edge, press Ctrl (Command) + Alt + R, so Feather = 1, contrast = 15, shift edge = 30 and OK.
  • Press the Shift key you click on the Add Layer Mask button located at the bottom of the layers panel.

Step 17

Seems like here was over, and at first sight looks great, but we want it to look as real as possible, you'll add a little blur to the mockup.
For that you're going to make a selection, we used a rectangular selection as shown in the picture below.

Invert the selection pressing Ctrl (Command) + Shift + I. Refine edge, pressing Ctrl (Command) + Alt + R, so Feather = 185.8, contrast = 15, shift edge = -30 and OK.
Make sure you have selected the A4 Paper layer, go to Filter / Blur / Gaussian Blur... and write 2.5 for the radius value.

Step 18: Add Blur to the another layers.

You will not repeat the same previous step, what you're going to do for add to the other layers the blurring effect is:

While holding down the Alt key, going to select in the layer, where it says Smart Filter, and you're going to drag the top layer (Repeat the same step to the other layers).

Making effect of stack of cards.

The first thing to do is: Organize layers into folders and rename them.

Step 19

Select the Layer you want make the Stack effect disable the Blur Filter and duplicate only once, Right-clicking on the layer and select Duplicate Layer option. Later, you're going to delete the mask of the new layer.

Do you remember Step 11: Transforming Smart Objects.

Well, you have to repeat the Step 19 and 11, four times more.

Step 20: Selection Area

Pay attention to the following, Holding down the Ctrl (Command) key you will click on the thumbnail of the layer as shown in the picture.

Now, holding down the Ctrl (Command) and Alt key you will click on the top layer.

Now refine edge, press Ctrl (Command) + Alt + R, so Feather = 1, contrast = 15, shift edge = 30 and OK.
Now mask the layer by clicking the button below that says Add Vector Mask.

Now select the upper layer and repeat the same step until you reach the main layer.

Enables the Smart Filter for layers worked and continues to the other side of the card in the other folder.

Step 21: Complete the Stack of Business Cards

To get the stack effect for the other side of card, you should repeat the previous steps for duplicate, transform and mask layers.

Step 22: Let's try another design

If you still don't know how to change the image that is within a Smart Object follow these steps:

Right Click over the layer to change and Select Edit Contents.

Place your image, save Ctrl (Command) + S and Close Ctrl (Command) + W.

Enjoy Your Mockup

As you can see, make a mockup like this isn’t that complicated. While you have the necessary tools to do a professional work including photography (that’s another history) everything will be easier. These techniques were used to create Infinity, I recommend you take a look around, Infinity is a cloud of inspiration for you to create others mockups

For us is very important to know your opinion about this tutorial, don’t forget give us a comment and if you make a mockup based on this tutorial share with us in this post.


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