Weekly Packaging Inspiration - Nov 8th

Every day we see creative packaging designs around the Web, there is no limit for inspiration, hey! we are talking about packaging design. Marketing and designers have an awesome power to grab customer's interest with their skills and creativity ideas, remember this advice forever "You only get one chance to make a first impression". We will highlight weekly creative packaging designs we find during the week, not all are real yet, just in concept but are deserve mention due to the creativity, hope you like the collection this week.

Kräftig kräftig is a Brazilian juice industry with a focus on the German market. It produces juices of the choicest fruits and exports its products abroad. The designer behind these packaging have created packaging that remember the fruit in question (Surinam cherry, blueberry, açaí and raspberry) to make the product eyecathing. Delight yourself.

Personally I think they look great and very attractive even I would even collect these packaging

Kraftig Saft - Isabela Rodrigues

UHR 30

7 UHR 30 - Lynn Harles

3 korovy 2 kota
(The three cows & the two cats)

3 korovy 2 kota  - Olga Mosina


Biscuitea Packaging  - Inês Vieira


NiceFuckingT-Shirts  - NFGraphics!, Alan Guzman, Raul Urias

BEEloved honey

BEEloved honey - Tamara Mihajlović

0-Hour Rose

0-Hour Rose - Gergely Szoke, Eszter Laki

Xerdawnfi Candle

Xerdawnfi Candle - Danielle Fritz

Kitten & the Bear

Kitten & the Bear - Chad Roberts


Karamelleriet - Bessermachen DesignStudio

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