Stellar will be free for Infinity customers

In the past two months we have been working on a new project named Stellar which contains more than 50 new mockups focused in different categories than those presented in Infinity Bundle.

When we launched Infinity, we promised that there would be free upgrades and as promised, we enforce this by giving a free access to all new Stellar to our current customers and those who purchase a new license of Infinity Bundle, until we decide the final price for Stellar.

So, to be clear: Stellar will be free for Infinity customers.

We also want to fulfill our mission of providing a complete website where everything related to the mockups be offered and become your first choice. Finally, we want to let you know that we are strong and committed with this project and you must be sure that your feedback is present in our roadmap. Remember, we make mockups people love.

So, our promise of free access is an opportunity to buy Infinity now and get a free license of Stellar.

Well, now tell us what do you think about this?

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