Meet Supernova Bundle, The New Boom For Editorial Designers

Under the concept of economy, agility, style and presentation, we ventured into the world of mockups, imagine the fact, as a graphic designer to provide the customer the opportunity to view a product in a real and virtual context while under the premise save on money and time. That was something that the Original Mockups team achieved through the Infinity Bundle and Stellar Bundle taking as reference the well kept in style and presentation work to create a new universe and to turn total in Graphic and Digital Design.

And as the Infinite is continuous, today we present to you the next step in innovation, Original Mockups, designed and developed by graphic designers for graphic designers, dive inside Supernova Bundle.

Looking for the Supernova

The idea of Supernova Bundle born with the requirements and demands of our users, who through Infinity Bundle and Stellar bundle found a solution in terms of presenting their projects and portfolios of graphic design. What the Original Mockups team has done, is to take the best of both worlds (Infinity and Stellar), and present a new package with new elements and actions that are thought to overcome what was started in above products, focusing much of the mockups in editorial design, not to mention other projects that are also part of print design.

Now we are facing a new level in terms of planning and preparation of mockups, because Supernova Bundle is designed to double or triple the speed of tasks and actions to take what keeps the initial concept of our product, economy, saving time and foremost guarantee an optimal work and excellent visual and technical quality.

As a result we have created a Package of 80+ Amazing Mockups, containing different facets of editorial design, books, albums, newspapers, catalogs, magazines, presentation folders, including some work with mugs, 3D slim cans and devices like iPhone 6 among others.

Photoshop Actions: as fast as the speed of light

Never develop a mockup had been as fast as a blink or a simple click, Supernova Bundle not only presents new visual aspects, apart from the tasks that could be performed at Infinity and Stellar, we now add the concept of actions and soon all those graphic designers lovers of innovation will be thinking or talking into action.

To get an idea, we can say that you can continue creating your mockups in the same way that you did with the package of Infinity Bundle or Stellar Bundle, something that would take you 3 to 5 minutes if you're a rather light designer, now with Supernova Bundle and thanks the introduction of a package of actions in Adobe Photoshop, this may just take you 60 Seconds, just enough to choose the template, place the design on the template and click, so fast you will not have time to even think about going for a coffee.
We'll show you, giving you a new approach to the speed with which you perform your job, imagine being able to change a design for a much better just minutes to show your presentation to your customers.

The Backgrounds

Another new aspect is the personalization of background (background) accompanying the context of the mockup, which also adds dynamism and prints its own stamp to projects you design.

High Quality

The contextualization of the different projects is much more stylized, has much more variety and a more realistic approach, which can be seen in the resolution of mockups, all projects are presented in high definition (3000 x 2000 pixels).

Finally, another new feature is that all the canvas include the guidelines and measures for each project.

A Guaranteed Product

All this you can acquire a quite comfortable price, $39 (for a limited time) and also you are guaranteed to contact the original equipment mockups if you need better advice and explore fully the package dimensions Supernova

An Expanding Universe

Supernova Bundle, has arrived, but would not have been possible without Infinity Bundle and Stellar Bundle, takes the best of its predecessors and with this we dare to give you a new perspective, a new way of perceiving the graphic design through mockups, and is also a challenge for the original mockups team continue to generate changes, continue watching at the designer's needs, not to think of customers to whom we offer solutions, Supernova Bundle is a universe more in our space that has come to light and project design in new dimensions and further open the door to new worlds of graphic and digital design

Because the infinity continues.

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