Infinity Bundle is an unprecedented selection of premium mockups created especially for you, all you need to showcase your designs and products you will find it here. Make your work look like a Big Bang.

All the professional mockups you love together in one place.

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Stationery &
Business Cards

23 amazing mockups, ideal for carrying your print designs to another dimension.

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Devices & UI Displays

Visualize your designs and interfaces in a device, in a way as real as if you had it on your hands. They will look as impressive as the rings of Saturn.

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Books &

Let your work speak for itself, your books and magazines will shine like never before, this set was especially designed for you. Get it!

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Flyers, Posters
& Canvas

Get out of the ordinary!
Show details of your work with style in a high resolution.

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Drinks Cans

Burst your ideas and explore new areas, making your designs going beyond.

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Download System

We have designed an elegant download system where you can download each mockup faster and organized by categories.

High Definition

Each mockup offers a high resolution of 3,000 by 2,000 pixels at 300 DPI enough to do closeups of your designs with excellent details.

Premium Support

Editing a mockup is very easy but if you have any problems or need help, you can count with our support. We're here to help you!


All in one place: Magazines, Books, Stationery, Business Cards, Business Proposal, interfaces, web, flyers, billboards, advertising and even cans.

Detailed by Aliens

Obsession is the word that sums the meticulous and detailed work on this project, all the elements of each mockup were designed in order to give you the best experience.

Get your Access

If you buy a license for Infinity Bundle will get access to all files for 1 year. You can also use it for commercial or personal projects.

Purchase your exclusive access now and get 1 year of unlimited downloads and upgrades for each and futures PSD mockup included in this awesome bundle

Infinity Bundle

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Requires ©Photoshop CS4+

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a mock-up?

It has many meanings and many definitions depending on the context but we could define it as a preset format that you use to submit your designs in a more attractive and elegant way.

What is infinity?

Infinity is a selection of more than 70 professional Mockups, industry aimed at graphic and web design.

How much does Infinity access cost?

For a limited time Infinity downloads access costs USD$39.

Why do you charge for it?

Infinity is a professional product and it is the result of hard work which took a lot of time and effort, we are helping many designers to improve the presentation of their projects and we want to continue working for them, we think $ 39 is a good price to offer these resources. Its acquisition is an opportunity you should not miss.

How about updates?

It is possible that Infinity files are updated to improve or add new Mock-ups. All buyers have the right on these updates.

Why doesn't appear the preview of the PSD file?

The PSD file works perfectly, we have disabled the compatibility option for earlier versions of Photoshop, in order to reduce the weight of the file considerably and offer you a fast and convenient download.

What are the system requirements?

Photoshop CS4 or higher, a cup of coffee and a lot of love

What is the weight of the Bundle?

Infinity's weight can not be determined, because we do not offer a direct download of a single package.Can you imagine downloading a 2GB file and the connection is lost? We will provide an interface where you can download each Infinity mock-up individually, not to fill up the net or risk the integrity of the files downloading a big package. So you can download only what you need.

How long are my downloads active for?

You have until one year to download each Infinity Mock-up and each file can only be downloaded at the most 3 times.

Are the Infinity mock-ups easy to use?

Each Infinity PSD file are fully organized, grouped into folders and ready for easy editing, waiting for you specially.

About the refunds?

Original Mockups will provide a 15 day money back guarantee for all our products that are below your quality expectations. You can apply to our refund policies if you hasn't downloaded any mockups from the download page, without questions. You can download just one mockup to test it, If for any reason this don't meet your expectations, please don't download another one from the list, otherwise you couldn't apply for a refund.

For more information please contact us.

What is the payment method?

All payments are via Paypal, we are working hard to receive credit card payments. If you reside in Colombia and do not have a payment method please contact us.

Is safe buying from you?

Yes,it is. Purchases via Paypal are 99.9% safe.

I don’t have Paypal, can I still purchase?

No, isn't possible, but we are working hard to make this possible.

Can I use the Infinity brand commercially?

Infinity is a brand made exclusively for this bundle, therefore its commercial use is not allowed. for more information go to conditions and restrictions.

Do you offer free customer support? If I need help, will you help me?

We offer free support to buyers as long as it does not require any modification on a mock-up or incurs expenses for Original Mockup.

I lost my download link, what can I do?

In case you lost the download link, you must contact us and we start an investigation to verify your purchase and generate a new download link.

Where do I download my purchases?

When you make the purchase and our system verify this, it sends an email that contains a unique link where you could download the mock-ups. Please save this link. It is the only way to access to Infinity.

Can I change the background of the mockups?

No, you can't, Most mockups included in Infinity Bundle was made with photographics techniques into enviroments with natural lights and shadows, We wanted to preserve the image naturalness. Due to this, we haven't removed the backgrounds and they aren't transparents. However you could remove them by your own.

Can I use small images for the mockups?

We don't recommend that, you could lose resolution when you use small images. All mockups have a resolution for 3000 x 2000 pixels. You must have images in high resolutions to get the best results.

I lost my download link, what can I do?

In case you lost the download link, you must contact us and we'll verify your purchase and generate a new download link. Don't forget to provide us your transaction ID of your purchase.


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